Agricultural reforms have opened new doors of possibilities for farmers, says PM Modi amid protests

Earlier on November 17, PM Modi had invited suggestions from the people, for the 71st edition of the programme.

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PM Modi calls for ‘One Nation, One Election', says this is the need for India

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the nation through his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’ today.

Earlier on November 17, PM Modi had invited suggestions from the people, for the 71st edition of the programme. “Every #MannKiBaat we celebrate the accomplishments of outstanding people, working for societal good. But, for every one example shared, there are many I am unable to share due to paucity of time. But, I do read many of the inputs and they are truly valuable,” the PM tweeted.

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# After getting out of the lockdown phase, discussion has commenced on vaccine. But any kind of laxity with coronavirus is still very dangerous. We have to firmly keep fighting against the virus: PM Modi

# PM Modi urges educational institutions to adopt new, innovative methods and creative platforms for engagement with alumni

# Idol of goddess Annapurna, stolen in 1913 from Varanasi, is being brought back to India from Canada: PM Modi

# It was Guru Nanak Dev Ji who started the tradition of langar. We have seen how the Sikh community has continued this tradition of feeding people in the times of coronavirus pandemic: PM Narendra Modi

# Parliament has recently passed farm reform laws after rigorous brainstorming. These reforms have not only broken shackles of farmers but have also given new rights and opportunities to them: PM Narendra Modi

# Tomorrow we shall celebrate the birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. His influence is clearly visible in the entire world. From Vancouver to Wellington, from Singapore to South Africa, his message reverberates all around: PM Modi

# After completing mechanical engineering, Jonas worked for his stock market company. Later he was attracted towards Indian culture, especially towards Vedanta. He studied Vendanta in India &spent 4 yrs at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam in Coimbatore. I congratulate Jonas for his efforts:PM

# I got to know about the work of Jonas Masetti, who is also known as ‘Vishvanath’. Jonas gives lessons on Vedanta & Geeta in Brazil. He runs an organisation called ‘Vishvavidya’ which is located in hills of Petrópolis about an hour’s driver from Rio De Janeiro: PM Narendra Modi

# India’s culture and scripture have always been a centre of attraction for the entire world. Some people came to India in search of them and stayed here for life. While some returned to their countries as cultural ambassadors of India: PM Modi

# Every Indian would feel proud to know that an ancient idol of Devi Annapurna is being brought back from Canada to India. Almost 100 years ago in 1913, this idol was stolen from a temple in Varanasi and smuggled out of the country: PM Narendra Modi during Mann Ki Baat