Another sonic boom in Bengaluru? Loud sound heard, residents share their experience

Written by July 2, 2021 13:22
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New Delhi: On Friday noon around 12.30, a loud boom was heard across many parts of Bengaluru. Following the incident, many residents of the city took to Twitter and shared their experience as how they heard the sound.

As per tweets by city residents, the sound was reportedly heard in South Bengaluru and East Bengaluru.

While the sound was muted in some areas, some residents shared that their windows rattled due to the impact of the sound.

“Loud noise heard in South Bengaluru. Officials checking if it’s another sonic boom from an IAF jet. Similar loud sound was heard in May last year,” a journalist tweeted.

Last year, a sonic boom was confirmed to have originated from an IAF test flight. The incident happened in May last year.

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