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BJP leader Seema Patra arrested for abusing maid, her son had tipped off authorities

Sunita had revealed shockinginhumane torture against her, alleging that Patra used to beat her regularly and burned her with hot utensils

New Delhi: Jharkhand BJP’s suspended leader Seema Patra was arrested and has been sent to 14 days of judicial custody on Wednesday morning. Patra is accused of abusing her maid, a 29-year-old tribal woman and keeping her captive for over 8 years.

The woman who has been identified as Sunita was rescued by the local authorities after they received a complaint from a Personnel Department official.

Surprisingly, Patra was caught after her son took the matter to his friend, a government officer, seeking help in the matter.

While she was taken into custody by the police, Patra told the media that she was innocent and was framed by her son.

If reports are to be believed, Patra even admitted her son to a private hospital for ‘exposing her’ claiming that he was mentally sick.

A video of Sunita alleging Patra’s horrific torture of herself went viral on various social media platforms after which  BJP suspended Seema Patra on Tuesday. She was a member of the national working committee of the BJP’s women wing while her husband is said to be a former IAS officer.

In the viral clip, Sunita had revealed a beyond-belief tale of inhumane torture against her, alleging that Patra used to beat her regularly and burned her with hot utensils on various body parts.

Her health deteriorated due to the continuous abuse, and she began dragging herself inside the house, unable to walk properly. She further alleged that Seema made her lick her urine from the floor and even smashed her front teeth with an iron rod.

However, Sunita also claimed that Patra’s son often used to protect her from his mother saying, “It is only because of him that I am alive”.

Patra’s son Ayushman asked his friend and a government official  Vivek Baski to help in the matter, who went to the police after which Sunita was rescued from Patra’s residence last week.