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Covid-19 Bulletin: More than 75 lakh patients recovered, total tests cross 11 crore so far

Covid-19 Bulletin: 78% of the new recovered cases in the past 24 hours are from 10 States/UTs. Kerala and Karnataka have contributed the highest number to these with more than 8,000 cases.

New Delhi: India’s fight against against Covid-19 is moving ahead decisively with recovery rate now reaching 92%. Over 75 lakh people have been recovered so far.

The recovered cases in the country have become 13 times the number of active cases. In last 24 hours, nearly 53,000 patients have recovered and discharged whereas new cases reported in same time dropped below 50,000 and stood at nearly 45,000.

The active caseload of the country has also fallen below 7 per cent.

Active cases reduce more than 3 times in past 2 months

India continues to occupy the top global position as the country with the maximum number of recoveries. The total recoveries have crossed 75 lakhs today (7,544,798). 53,285 recoveries have been registered in the last 24 hours in the country. The active cases have sustained on the downslide. The total active cases in India stand at 5,61,908. The Active Cases comprise only 6.83% of the total positive cases of the country. In a span of just two months, the percentage active cases have reduced more than 3 times. On 3rd September, the percentage active cases were 21.16%. Expanded testing has led to early identification and appropriate treatment. It has crossed the landmark of 11 crore (11,07,43,103) total tests today. The country’s testing capacities have multiplied manifold with 2037 labs across the country. Higher number of recoveries is also reflected in the continuous increase in the national recovery rate, which is at present 91.68%.

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78% of the new recovered cases in the past 24 hours are from 10 States/UTs. Kerala and Karnataka have contributed the highest number to these with more than 8,000 cases. Delhi and west Bengal follow with more than 4,000 cases. 45,321 confirmed cases have been reported in the last 24 hours in the country. 80% of the new cases are concentrated in ten States/UT. Kerala surged to first place with 7,025 new cases while Delhi and Maharashtra, both reported more than 5000 daily new cases. 496 deaths have been registered in the past 24 hours. 10 States and UTs account for 82% of fatalities in the past 24 hours. 22% of deaths reported yesterday are from Maharashtra with 113 deaths followed by West Bengal with 59 deaths.

Union Home Secretary reviews COVID-19 situation in Delhi

Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla reviewed the situation of COVID-19 in Delhi today. The meeting was also attended by Dr. V.K. Paul, Member, NITI Aayog, Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Director General, ICMR, Chief Secretary and other senior officers Government of NCT of Delhi and Commissioner of Police, Delhi.GNCTD made a presentation on the present situation of COVID-19 in Delhi, which is witnessing 3rd surge in cases. While the new COVID cases and total active cases are going up, the administration is focusing on testing, contact tracing and treatment. The recent surge in the number of active cases was attributed to the festival season. The hospital bed situation was reported to be comfortable with 57% of the 15,789, dedicated beds being vacant. It was decided to concentrate efforts in certain key areas, such as targeted RT-PCR testing in sensitive and critical zones such as restaurants, market places, barber shops / salons, etc; gear up the availability of medical resources including beds, ICUs, and ventilators as a pre-emptive measure; ensure high degree of contact tracing and monitoring of quarantined contacts, so as to suppress and break the chain of transmission.

It was also decided to enhance enforcement selectively, accompanied by greater awareness creation through targeted IEC campaigns; and ensuring that all cases under home isolation were monitored and shifted to hospitals well in time, before any deterioration in their medical condition. It was also emphasized that the Metro travel should be carefully regulated, strictly in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that has been issued in this regard.Home Secretary emphasized that the strategies for containment of spread of COVID-19 in Delhi should be strictly enforced and implemented. He stressed the need for reaching out to the residents of Delhi to sensitize them about safe COVID behavior through RWAs, Mohalla and Market Committees, public announcement systems, message on police vehicles, etc


Jan Andolan against Covid-19 gains traction in Ayush Sector

With thousands of Ayush professionals joining the Jan Andolan against Covid 19, the movement has gained considerable traction in the traditional systems of medicine. The movement is covering Ayush dispensaries, hospitals, educational institutions, wellness centres and other units. Ayush professionals work closely with the public at the grass root level, and hence they have been successful in adding momentum to the campaign by influencing public behavior during this awareness campaign. It was seen in a review done at AYUSH Ministry that during the 5 days period from 26th to 30th October 2020, Ayush stake-holders reached out to an estimated110 lakh people with messages propounding Covid 19-appropriate behaviours, through channels ranging from face-to-face communication to digital media.

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