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From bicycle to bike: Internet helps Rajasthan Zomato delivery man to get bike in less than 24 hours

The Rajasthan Zomato delivery man started delivering food on a bicycle due to the unavailability of a bike.




New Delhi: The Internet has become a popular medium for connecting thousands of people in a short time. In the past, you may have witnessed a lot of stories that the internet helped people to meet their loved ones whom they lost years ago. In another incident, the Internet helped a Zomato delivery employee to buy a bike within 24 hours.

He got the bike with the support of crowdfunding via social media. The man has been identified as Durga Meena. The 31-year-old man was reportedly a teacher but lost his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sharma opted for joining Zoamto to earn money. However, he started delivering food on a bicycle due to the unavailability of a bike.

However, Durga Meena’s life changed when he met Aditya Sharma On April 11 while delivering Sharma’s order. Sharma shared his story online and launched a crowdfunding campaign for Meena on Twitter.

Aditya Sharma on April 11 wrote on Twitter, ”Today my order got delivered to me on time and to my surprise, this time the delivery boy was on a bicycle. today my city temperature is around 42 °C in this scorching heat of Rajasthan he delivered my order on time.”

”His name is DURGA MEENA, 31 years old. he has been delivering for 4 months and earning 10k around a month. Durga is a teacher and he is into teaching for the past 12 years”

”during covid, he lost his job of teaching in a school and he was talking with me in English. he has done,” added Sharma.

”Guys, I want to raise crowdfunding of 75k I know its a huge amount but if this reaches 75k people and each person gives 1 rs we can fulfill his wish of having a bike even he said he will return all the money of downpayment SUCH AN HARDWORKING PERSON DETAILS BELOW,” read a tweet of Sharma.

With crowdfunding of Rs 75,000, Meena now owns a bike.

Sharma also shared the post on Twitter a day after.

”All thanks to you guys. Delivered the bike less than 24 hours,” wrote Sharma in the post.