IMA warns Kerala against lockdown relaxation during Bakr-Id, says will go to SC if state govt unmoved

IMA HQ and all its members assure the state Government, all our proactive support in this
consistent fight against the pandemic

Written by July 18, 2021 14:48
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Pinarayi Vijayan

New Delhi: Indian Medical Association (IMA) has red-flagged Kerala government’s decision to allow lockdown relaxations during the festival of Bakr-Id. Easing of lockdown norms would lead to mass gatherings and religious congregations, something which Kerala can’t afford at this stage. Notably, the Corona cases are mounting at a fast pace in Kerala, with some experts already hinting at the arrival of third-wave in the state.

Indian Medical Association(IMA)thank the Government of India and our Honorable Prime minister for taking all appropriate steps to face the inevitable impending third wave and mitigate its impacts in the form of infrastructure augmentation, quantitative and qualitative preparedness of Medical manpower, and building awareness of following COVID appropriate behaviors. With the sustained progression of vaccination, avoiding mass gatherings in any form is the responsible duty expected at this crucial time from every citizen of our country.

After the proactive visionary call of the Honorable prime minister to stop revenge tourism and not to invite the third wave by mass gatherings many proposed religious and pilgrimage Yatras were cancelled. The supreme court of India had also taken the issue, Suo moto, and directed everyone to play a vigilant role to mitigate the third wave.
With the dedicated and committed services of the Government and the Modern medical fraternity, today we are in the declining phase of the second wave throughout the country, except in few states like Kerala and Maharashtra where we are still having a high number of cases.

IMA is pained to see amidst the raise of cases and Seropositivity, the Kerala Government has issued an order to ease out lockdown followed in the state on the pretext of religious gatherings of Bakri Id. It is unwarranted and inappropriate at this time of Medical emergency.

IMA says 3rd wave of COVID inevitable; appeals to states to not lower guard

When many Northern states like J&K, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttaranchal have stopped, with a constructive sense of public safety the traditional and popular pilgrimage Yatras, it is an unfortunate learned state of Kerala had taken these retrograde decisions.

IMA in the larger interest of the country and wellbeing of humanity, with the sense of responsibility, strongly urge/demand the Kerala State Government to immediately withdraw this order, enforce zero-tolerance against covid appropriate behaviors, and do not deviate from its statutory duty and vision to ensure the safety of State and Nation as a whole. IMA the body of warriors of this covid war with the sense of altruism will be constrained to knock the pedestal’s of the supreme court if the state is not enforcing covid appropriate behaviors and
become a model state to curtain the raising menace of covid, by withdrawing this decision.

IMA HQ and all its members assure the state Government, all our proactive support in this consistent fight against the pandemic.


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