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Karauli constable saving infant from fire goes viral, Twitter lauds his valour

Meanwhile, a Rajasthan police constable saved an infant during the communal violence on Saturday.




Rajasthan police

New Delhi: There are certain things around that still make us believe that humanity exists. Despite the violence that emerged in Rajasthan’s Karauli district, a saviour attitude by a constable grabbed everyone’s attention. The violence broke out after a motorcycle rally began in the town to celebrate the Hindu new year.

Meanwhile, a Rajasthan police constable saved an infant during the communal violence on Saturday. Netresh Sharma took the baby from two women who were trapped in the area and ran through fire.

While talking to NDTV, the 31-year-old constable stated, “I was providing protection to the procession by leading the way on a motorcycle patrol. Suddenly, when the stone pelting began, I rushed back and found two people sitting on the road. They had been injured and requested me to take them to hospital which I did.”

Further, the police stated that the shops were set on fire while the cops were busy extinguishing the flame and rescuing people. “I suddenly saw a house in the middle of two shops that were burning with two-three women trapped inside. One of them had a child in her arms. As soon as I saw that scene, I rushed into the house,” Sharma said.

“The flames were closing in on the door. The women begged me to help and I told them to give me the child who was already wrapped in a shawl. I took the child in my arms and I told the mother and the other women in the house to run out behind me,” he added.

Within seconds of the action, the photo of Netresh went viral. The photo showed that amidst the flames, he held the child in his arms and close to his chest. “The women followed me and then I handed the child back to them,” he further said.

He stated that he did not even know the gender identity of the child. He stated, “In fact, I don’t even know if the child was a boy or a girl.”

Rajasthan Police lauded the quick action and the saviour attitude of the constable, risking his life.

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Several netizens saluted his bravery of Sharma and send him congratulatory and well wishes. One of the users said, “@PoliceRajasthan we proud on you…. Love from District Bharatpur,’ while another wrote, “A policeman with Conscience … Respect. But what is heartbreaking is that “this” is becoming a reality of our life. the hate, the violence, the fear… I fear for my country as vile people are trying to propagate a very dangerous narrative.”

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