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Noida: Twin Tower demolition dust to raise difficulties in neighbouring cities, here’s what IMD predicted

If the national capital region sees rain on Monday, it will indeed bring relief to the locality ending the cloud dust

New Delhi: The Apex and Ceyane Towers built in the Emerald Society in Sector-93A, Noida is set to be razed off to the ground with the help of nearly 4,000 kg of explosives at 2:30 pm sharp on Sunday.

The illegally built structure happens to be one of the tallest buildings in the country to be demolished after the Supreme Court’s order earlier.

Though the action is a massive counter to corruption in the real state sector, the process will lead to various health and environmental issues for people residing in the nearby areas. Looking at the possible distress which could appear after the demolition, the administration has already vacated the families living in neighbouring societies.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the weather on Sunday is will remain dry with a negligible chance of rain on the day.

The maximum temperature is expected to remain between 35 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature to be 26 degrees. However, there is a possibility of rain with thunderstorms in the region on Monday i.e. August 29, the day after the tower demolition.

If the national capital region sees rain on Monday after the fall of the controversial tower, it will indeed bring relief to the locality ending the cloud dust. The air quality index (AQI) around the tower is also expected to improve after the expected rain shower.

Skymet Weather meteorologist Mahesh Palawat says, “The wind direction will be from the north-west direction on Sunday. With the weather remaining dry, the wind speed is likely to be around 25 kmph, hence it will push the dust particles towards the east”.

“In these circumstances, the wind is expected to take the dust particles towards the western areas and cities of Uttar Pradesh instead of Delhi”, he added.