Not just clear road, make way to hearts: Mediators urge Shaheen Bagh protestors

Written by February 21, 2020 21:15

New Delhi: The Supreme Court-appointed interlocutors Sanjay Hedge and Sadhana Ramachandran interacted with the Shaheen Bagh protestors here on Friday and urged them to clear the road and ‘make way to the hearts’.

The duo listened to the protestors and their demands. Women protesters asked the interlocutors that when several adjoining roads in the area are open, why they have been asked to move to another site.

Won't accept mediators suggestion of meeting in groups, asserts protesters at Shaheen Bagh

They told the interlocutors that “once the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NPR) are rolled back, they will immediately vacate the road”.

One of the women protestors asked if they will be removed from Shaheen Bagh to another place then who will look after their security. “If any untoward incident takes place then higher officials in the police should be suspended,” she said.

After hearing them, Hedge said: “It is the duty of every brother to ensure safety and security of all women. I want to say “Chodo kal ki Baatein Kal ki Baat Purani, Hum Hindustani” (let’s move forward forgetting the past, we all are Indians).”

He tried to convince protestors to shift their agitation.

“Not just this road, we need to open ‘dil ka rasta (a way to heart),” he said.

Echoing similar sentiments with the protestors, Ramachandran said: “Most of your demands were correct. The apex court, Home Ministry and Police should give in written ensuring the security of women protesting on roads.”

Won't accept mediators suggestion of meeting in groups, asserts protesters at Shaheen Bagh

The Supreme Court had on Monday appointed senior lawyers Hegde and Ramachandran to go and talk to protesters at Shaheen Bagh area to convince them to hold the agitation at an alternative site.

The apex court has fixed the matter for further hearing on February 24.

The Shaheen Bagh area of Delhi had lately gained nationwide attention due to an anti-CAA sit-in by people, especially Muslim women against the CAA, NPR and National Register of Citizens. (ANI)