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Persian era ‘Salaam Aarti’ to become ”Sandhya Aarti’ in Karnataka temple says State Religious Council

‘Salaam Aarti’ will soon become ‘Sandhya Aarti’ in all the temples of Karnataka.




salaam Aarti

New Delhi: ‘Salaam Aarti’ will soon become ‘Sandhya Aarti’ in all the temples of Karnataka. State Religious Council that oversees Hindu shrines approved a 6-month-old proposal that seeks to rename the Tipu Sultan’s Era ‘Salaam Aarti’ to the Sanskrit name ‘Sandhya Aarti’ in all the temples of Karnataka.

Reportedly, Kashekodi Sooryanarayana Bhat, who is a prominent Scholar and a member of Dharmika Parishat or State Religious Council on Saturday said that such names were forcefully imposed on Hindus during the reign of Tipu Sultan.

He also said that names such as Salaam have no relevance to Hindu texts, and it does not belong to us.

Salaam Aarti

The historic Chaluvanarayana Swamy temple in Melkote sent the renaming proposal to the district administration of Mandya. The administration then sent the proposal to the Parishat.

The Chaluvanarayana Swamy temple has been organizing “Salaam Aarati (Torch Salute)” every day in the evening at 7 pm since the time of Tipu Sultan.

Salaam Aarti

Notably, after this the State’s Religious Council will issue a notice of renaming the name of Aarti. This will be done not just in the Melkote temple but the temples in the whole of BJP governed the state of Karnataka. Moreover, the proposal will be getting the final approval from CM Basavaraj Bommai.