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VIRAL: Wedding turns disaster! Bride and groom falls from swing (VIDEO)

The wedding planner company has reportedly taken complete responsibility for the incident that took place in Chhattisgarh’s Raipur.




New Delhi: With the wedding season at its peak, Indians are leaving no imperfections to get a lavish ceremony of their dreams. From grand entries of bride and groom to luxurious 3-day festivities, viral wedding videos on the social media says it all about the fat Indian weddings.

Meanwhile, unlike the previous times, wedding are now being organized and planned by the professional wedding planners who comes up the best of the creative ideas including chariots carrying the couple to the venue, stunning dance performances, to decorative rotational swings during the garland exchange.


However, as astonishing as these arrangements might appear to one, they might sometimes turns into a disaster causing some serious loss.

A related video from Chhattisgarh’s Raipur is doing rounds on the internet in which a bride and groom could be seen can be seen while entering their wedding venue in an oval shaped swing with massive fireworks in the backdrop amidst hooting and cheering from the guests, when all of a sudden the harness snaps resulting the duo to fall from the height of 12 feet.

Watch the video here:

As the couple falls, friends and family can be seen running towards them to protect them. Though, the bride and the groom obtained some minor injuries only.

As per the reports, the two proceeded with the rituals after some time. The wedding planner company has reportedly taken complete responsibility for the incident.