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10 Signs That You Are In A Passionate Relationship

You need passion in your companionship.You need passion in your partnership.You need passion in your life.You need passion in your relationship.

New Delhi: Being in a passionate relationship with your partner will make every morning worth getting up for you – Quotes Hirav Shah, Noted Astro Strategist & Thought leader.

On that note, Hirav Shah pens down 10 signs that you are in a passionate relationship.

If you are lucky enough to have it already, you are blessed ;
If you are still figuring out, then the below points are for you.

1. A relationship, that sets you free –

The biggest sign of a genuinely passionate relationship is feeling free, light, secure, happy and content. Love is like that invisible string that doesn’t hold you back rather sets you free. It doesn’t pull you down rather it allows you to fly and takes you up to the higher limits of the sky. You should not feel trapped or suffocated but feel comfortable and at peace.

2.Trust is everything –

Trust is everything.Trust your relationship and be so secure in it that any outer force cannot shake things between you two. Don’t restrict or save them from the outer world. Let them dream, achieve their goals, meet all the people in the world, let them have conversations, let them live their own special life and cheer for them in the background.

Also, if your partner is out of town, working late for business or just off doing things that are important to them, there is a profound trust in their honesty and in where they say they are. This is a sign that you know each other so well — and believe in your closeness — that you don’t need to question or worry about it.

3. Respect is the Key-

Any passionate relationship is built around love but flourishes around respect. It can stay like this only, when you truly choose to respect them as an individual first. Respect their values, opinions, thoughts, stories, past and their time. If there is respect, the relationship will grow beautifully and passionately.

4. Give priority to your partner and never take your partner for granted –

The relationship is not an option, it’s a responsibility. You should understand that. Neither your relationship nor your partner should be taken for granted. As much as respect, love, and care you are giving in the first month, you should give the same for years and years.Never forget to surprise them and gift your partners on different occasions to make them feel special. The spark should be there. A simple ‘Love You’ will do the needful and it actually works.

5. Giving that “Space” is important –

Don’t discourage your partner from trying out new things. Don’t make decisions for your partner. You may advise each other, but do not try to control your partner’s life. Giving that space is vital. If both of you are giving each other the “space”, then you are certainly in a passionate relationship.

6. Being proud of each other-

This is an important sign to know that you are in a passionate relationship. You honor what your partner stands for and what he or she does and are proud to tell others about her or him. This is not about false bravado or superficial bragging, but a genuine honoring for who your partner is.

You can just say, “It is not necessary to succeed every time you try to achieve something. It’s okay to fail sometimes. I’m already so proud of you.”

7. Keep things exciting-

Yes, exciting ! Passionate relationships aren’t all about lust in the bedroom. Strong couples have date nights, make new memories and laugh together. Variety is one of the six human needs, and it’s important in relationships, too. Keep things exciting.

8. One of the best things to happen-

A passionate relationship is one that is characterized by highs and lows, happiness and sorrow, and joy and sadness, love and passion. It is also one of the best things to happen to a person.

Some signs are of it are when,

-The moment something good or bad happens to you, the first person you inform is him/ her.

-You find yourself more happy than sad at most times.

-You know that looking at them smile will be the perfect balm to your wound after a hectic day.

-They’re your ‘go to’ person whenever you want to share something.

9.Your partner is your best friend –

Do you share everything with your partner, confide in them and feel like you can be your true self, similar to how you’d be with your best guy or gal pal?
In passionate relationships, couples have friendship as the foundation of their relationship. If at any given moment they have nothing else to stand on, they have their friendship to carry them through the tough times.

10. When you laugh with your partner-

Passionate couples laugh together.
“And those who laugh, last”- Quotes Hirav Shah.

Laughter is always a sign of true happiness and life cannot be taken too seriously. If happiness is the lightning, it is immediately followed by the thunder of laughter.

Conclusion :

A passionate relationship should be your own little nest where you and your partner equally contribute ; Where you give personal space to each other and understand each other’s needs and views.So, love your partner like crazy but always save a little affection for yourself too. Grow together, explore together, dance together, have fun together, live and love together and build a beautiful life around each other. Love and only love.

“You will feel most alive when you are in a lovely passionate relationship with your partner”- Quotes Hirav Shah.