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70-year-old woman in Kerala’s Kottayam takes care of over 60 street dogs

Rukminiamma a 70-year-old woman pets over 60 street dogs in Kerala’s Kottayam.

Kottayam (Kerala): An elderly woman in Kerala’s Kottayam takes care of almost 60 street dogs in her area, she has take this task for from very long time.

Rukminiamma, the 70-year-old woman does her best to feed and house over 60 street dogs from around her neighbourhood at her small roadside home in Kodimatha, despite her meagre income.

“Some of these dogs have been rescued from the street, others just turned up around the neighbourhood and came to my home. Sometimes people drop off dogs at my house at night. I have been bitten many times but I love each one of them and continue to take care of them,” she said.