Google showing Kannada as ‘ugliest language’ starts a row on Twitter

Earlier, Google had named Kannada as the ‘Queen of languages in the world’ but this new title has left the whole Southern India supporting the Kannadigas.

Avatar Written by June 3, 2021 16:41

New Delhi: Twitter was filled with anger and rage as google search of ‘ugliest language of India’ showed Kannada as the result. This has started a big debate on the micro-blogging site as on the other hand, Google has named Kannada as the ‘Queen of languages in the world’. This double standard has left the Kannadigas confused as to what Google really thinks of their beloved language.

Speaking to TV9 Kannada Digital, President of Kannada Development Authority, TS Nagabharana said, “We have got into the legal battle over this issue. Legal notice sent to Google condemning Kannada. Humiliation of one another in terms of ground, water, language and culture cannot be tolerated. Clearly this is some kind of systematic conspiracy. Kannadigars, the moods of the Kannada language, are ambushed to create such an opportunity. It is not our job to resist. Instead, these types of events must be kept in check. Kannadigas opined that we should not shy away from even the smallest issues that affect us.”

Twitter debate

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