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Viral image of 65-year-old man cutting nails of 98-year-old mother is winning the internet (WATCH)

Abhraneel Malakar has shared a similar heart-warming moment between his father and grandmother on his Facebook account.

New Delhi: The relation of a child and parent is like a full cycle, first the parent feeds and nurtures its child until they are old enough to venture into a world of their own. But as the parents grow old, the roles reverse as the children who take care of their parents with love and affection.

One should never lose love for their parents as it should be their honor and duty that they get a chance of nurturing and loving them till the very end.

Abhraneel Malakar has shared a similar heart-warming moment on his Facebook account. In the photo, a 65-year-old man is cutting his 98-year-old mother’s nails. Malakar says that they are his father and grandmother.

Take a look at this heart-warming moment


“No individual mother’s day is required for this love In this way, every child should return the love of a mother. In the last life, let us be the companion of the journey by standing beside us. I couldn’t stop keeping the picture on the timeline,” he wrote in caption.

People are loving this heart-warming moment as it has garnered more than 2,400 likes, while one user termed it as ‘Pic of the Day’. This wholesome capture will win hearts not just in India but around the world.