International Women’s Day: Men acknowledge, lend support and want them empowered

With the pass of time and mentality, men have blurred the line of stereotypes and have been the frontrunner in acknowledging the need for this special day.

Avatar Written by March 6, 2020 15:28

New Delhi: Ahead of International Women’s Day, men have emerged as the biggest supporters for the cause to make every single day into a special day for all women in their lives.

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Most of them acknowledge the important role played by women in their lives and hope to contribute to their empowerment in the world.
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the desired recognition, that many strong women build-up through ages have started to be recognised by the male-dominated world.

Many women have stood together through thick and thin to spread the shine of female identity amid the dominance of patriarchy.

While many celebrate the special day of women on March 8 with all its glory, some raise an eyebrow.

With the pass of time and mentality, men have blurred the line of stereotypes and have been the frontrunner in acknowledging the need for this special day.

According to 25-year-old Anantha, acknowledging the special day is the best ‘return gift’ for all the sacrifices and dedication that women have given to the world.

“Given the countless sacrifices and dedication that our mother’s and sister’s put forth on a daily basis, a day specifically dedicated for those women could be the least of the return gift that we could provide,” he said.

An engineer by profession, Hari is one among those who strongly believe that men are incomplete without women.

“From the very first breath we draw to the very last, every man in this world is indebted to women in one way or the other,” he said.

Stressing about the diverse role that women play in her life, he further said: “A man can only try but never can fill the shoes of a mother, a sister, a daughter or a wife.”

On reference to the coming International Women’s Day, Hari said: “Women’s day provides us with the opportunity to show gratitude and love to all the beautiful women in this world. We’d be totally in sixes and sevens without you!.”

While many young adults have expanded their thoughts about the importance of having a special day dedicated to women, there are few who are not completely disagreeing but doesn’t find the hype necessary.

A middle-aged auto-driver, who didn’t wish to reveal his name, finds that the concept around making a women’s day itself was unnecessary.

“We respect women, they help us run the household but the hype around women’s day is unnecessary. Make every day a day of women instead. Do good to them that is the best we can do,” he said.

While, for Sooraj, an architect, celebrating women’s day shouldn’t be a forced action. But he is someone who is completely in favour that men are incomplete without women.

“A lot of theories around feminism and male chauvinism are discussed today, but keeping those aside, personally I feel men are indeed incomplete without women,” he said.

He suggested that celebrating the day for the wonderful woman she is, should be left completely as a personal choice.

“If demand is made to celebrate the women’s day in particular, the whole essence behind the power of what women will be lost somewhere. Respect them for the woman she is and make every day hers,” he added.

While recounting the positive aspects of women, most of them also expressed a hope that women should get to live in a crime-free and peaceful environment that they wish for. (ANI)