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SHOCKING! Groom faints after kissing his bride-Here is what happens NEXT (Video)

Groom faints suddendly after kissing his bride, the reason will shock you-WATCH VIDEO

New Delhi: A wedding video is widely being circulated on social media where the groom suddenly faints after kissing his bride.

Although the groom faints, the bride couldn’t control her laughter. Also, guests present at the stage with the couple breaks down to laughter.

Well, there was nothing wrong with the groom, he was simply making his happy moment a bit happier by his funny act.

In the video, the groom pretends to faint and fall backwards soon after kissing his bride after taking the wedding vows.

He did not really fall as his friends standing behind held him from the back picked him up again.

This video of a Christian wedding was shared on Instagram handle called Pyaar Romance Wala.

The video has garnered more than 129, 310 likes on Instagram.


Meanwhile, the place and date of this wedding event are yet to be known.

Well, these days weddings and the ceremonies are being captured to a greater extent and with brilliant ideas and implementation.

People are not only uploading wedding videos but some of the videos are so much liked and appreciated that even some make headlines.