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Tomato fever grips Kerala, 80 kids fall ill; Karnataka sounds alert



Tomato fever

New Delhi: Even before Covid pandemic threat could subside, a new kind of flu is making parents anxious & worried in Kerala as more than 80 children have been diagnosed with Tomato fever.

It is a mysterious viral flu with similar symptoms to Chikungunya. It is also known as Hand, Foot & Mouth disease, apparently deriving its name from the red blisters that develops on body when infected with virus.

The outbreak of this mysterious fever has put the authorities on alert as the cases are rising at fast speed. Tamil Nadu has also stepped up vigil at its border and screening those people coming from Kerala. Karnataka has sounded an alert and urged people to stay cautious & watchful.

Below are Symptoms & Treatment of Tomato Fever

Tomato Fever mostly affects children below 5 years of age and is often called undiagnosed fever. Those suffering from Tomato fever develop rashes, red blisters & dehydration.


Rashness & red blisters are first signs of child having contracted the virus. Apart from this, the infected person may also cause fatigue, joint pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, coughing, sneezing, runny nose & body ache. In acute illness, it may also lead to discolouring of skin of leg & hand.

How contagious is Tomato fever 

Much like other flu, Tomato Fever is also contagious and can be easily transferred when staying together. The only preventable way is to keep distance and putting the children in isolation. Hygiene & regular sanitisation is also advised to keep the virus at bay. Utensils & clothes of infected persons should be kept aside to prevent the virus from spreading.


Tomato fever gets resolved with simple steps and doesn’t require heavy medication. Usually, it gets okay on its own when precautionary steps are taken. The most important part is to keep the child hydrated and also under regular medical supervision when infected.