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Exploring Kuwait : A Solo Travel Adventure for Women

Why do you wish to explore Kuwait alone as a woman? Perhaps you want to travel to a country that has recently become more welcoming to tourists after receiving harsh criticism in the media.

The Kuwait International Airport is awarded a 3-star rating for its infrastructure, terminal convenience and hygiene, retail options, choices for food and beverages, employee services, and police and immigration. Passenger volume and traffic continue to put a lot of stress on Kuwait Airport.

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Is Kuwait a secure place for women?

As long as they dress legally (covering shoulders and knees) and stay in the more frequented places, Kuwait is safe for single Western women. Outside of expat neighborhoods, however, women by themselves will get strange looks just for being women.

 What Can a Woman Traveler Wear in Kuwait?

There is no requirement in law for non-Muslim women to cover their heads or wear a hijab, but they should consider the context. While protecting your knees and shoulders is required, you ought to adhere to the following rules to avoid attracting unwanted attention:

  • While skirts and shorts are OK, outfits that are transparent or above the knee are not.
  • If you think something could be too little, wear leggings underneath.
  • Any regular T-shirt or blouse will do, but avoid anything with a neckline that exposes your belly or cleavage.
  • Anything that is overly clinging, tight, or transparent should be avoided.

In terms of attire, Kuwait is relatively permissive; many Kuwaiti women, particularly the younger ones, don’t cover themselves using a black abaya and instead wear Western apparel along with a headscarf. Even though their clothing may be fairly form-fitting, they will nonetheless cover their legs and wear long sleeves.

Always keeping a pashmina or scarf on hand is a fantastic idea because you have no idea when you might feel the urge to dress more modestly. An extra layer will be helpful because indoor air conditioning can be unpleasant and because winters can be shockingly chilly.

For the heat, fabrics such as cotton, silk, and linens are the ideal textiles to use. Maxi gowns and long, billowing skirts are lovely, as are shorts or three-quarter pants.

Public beaches have a lot more limitations. There are no rules that forbid a woman from going to the beach in her bathing suit, but no matter how revealing they are, they will still attract unwanted attention and comments. It’s advised to wear shorts and a T-shirt under your bathing suit to avoid drawing attention.

Don’t forget to carry a hat, sunscreen, and eyewear since they are an almost year-round need for Kuwait.

If security staff or any member of society ever questions your attire, don’t argue. Move on after apologizing and proposing a fix.

Some safety advice for women traveling alone

In the broadest sense, the planning stage can assist you in maintaining your safety.

  • Keep your records secure.
  • Email a copy of each crucial document to yourself.
  • Leave a thorough itinerary that includes all of your reservations and the locations you are anticipated to visit.
  • Passwords should be left with a buddy you can trust.
  • Install a tracking program so that a reliable source can monitor your whereabouts.
  • Maintain contact.
  • Stay charged up and utilize a high-capacity power bank because GPS tracking applications and maps use too much battery.
  • Make your phone’s backups automatic.
  • Deal and reserve with a respected business.
  • Don’t reveal where you are.
  • Do not claim to be alone.
  • Dress with decency.
  • Respect the customs and laws of the area.
  • When you say “no,” be gracious yet firm.
  • Purchase tickets that get travel protection.
  • Never depart without health coverage.

Keeping these things in mind, book your ticket on Kuwait Airways, and can arrange a vacation in Kuwait, which provides inexpensive airfares as well as fantastic savings for travel to popular locations.