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VIDEO: Jawed Habib spits on woman’s head while cutting hair, says ‘iss thook mein jaan hai’; netizens can’t keep calm



Jawed Habib

New Delhi: Jawed Habib is one of the leading hairstylists in the country. However, the celebrity hairstylist has landed in major controversy for allegedly spitting on woman’s head while cutting her hair. A video surfaced on Twitter which shows Jawed Habib spitting on a woman’s hair.

The viral video shows that Jawed Habib is shearing a woman’s hair sitting on a salon chair and sitting in front of the audience. First, he takes a jibe at the woman as her hairs were dry and then spits on her hair.

Habib is also heard  saying jokingly, “Agar paani ki kami hai na.. iss thook mein jaan hai.”

In the background, the audience is heard lauding and laughing at the scene. However, the date, time & location where the video was shot, couldn’t be confirmed. The incident happened during a training seminar in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar.

Watch the video here:

After the video went viral, the woman has come forward to share the humiliating experience. See the video here:

Netizens disgusted at Habib’s antics

Netizens seemed to be offended by the disgusting act of the celebrity hairstylist. One of the users wrote, “Jawed Habib, the famous hairstylist, and businessman, is seen styling his client’s hair with spit. Even if someone doesn’t find it disrespect and offensive, it is extremely unhygienic and should never be tolerated.”

See other reactions of the netizens here: