CM Yogi’s ‘Abbajaan’ barb unites Opposition, pseudo-liberals vent anger but is it all stage-managed? Here is how

Yogi’s reference to Abbajaan was aimed at one political family, accused of looting the state resources and resorting to politics of appeasement. But, this has been given a twist by pseudo-liberals for targeting the BJP govt.

Written by September 13, 2021 21:44
Mulayam Singh - CM Yogi

New Delhi: A big political controversy has broken out over UP CM Yogi Adityanath’s ‘Abbajaan’ remarks at a poll rally in Khushinagar.

Yogi’s sharp jibe at the SP regime has sent the Opposition into a fit of anger. His ‘Abbajaan’ remark has been lapped up by the Opposition who have joined ranks and are mounting a strong attack on the UP Chief Minister. BJP has hit back at the Opposition for creating an unnecessary stir and accused the Opposition parties of deliberately giving it a communal colour for scoring political points.

Yogi Adityanath made the statement at an election rally in Kushinagar on Sunday.

CM Yogi had said, “Previously, those who said Abbajaan looted all the subsidized ration. Today, it is no longer the case. If any corrupt person/official takes away the right of common man, he will be behind bars.”

Opposition & psedo-liberals gang up to target Yogi govt

Yogi’s reference to Abbajaan has created a flutter in political circles, with Opposition parties taking turns to train guns at the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister. While a certain set of people apparently the pseudo-liberals have taken to social media to build a false and motivated campaign against the Yogi govt.

Opposition is afraid and frightened of Yogi’s mass appeal ahead of 2022 Assembly elections and the pseudo-liberal lobby fears further erosion of its ‘grip and influence’ in the state machinery.

Owaisi and Yogi

Yogi’s reference to Abbajaan was aimed at one political family (read Samajwadi Party) which has been consistently accused of looting the state resources and resorting to politics of appeasement. CM Yogi has earlier also mentioned about Abbajaan, hinting at Mulayam & Akhilesh govts pandering to minorities & ignoring the sentiments of majority community. But, Yogi’s pointed barb at SP regime has been taken out of context and is being presented as anti-Muslim.

5 facts that expose pseud-liberal lobby & its vested interest

1. Many people including some known BJP critics took to social media and shared how the minority community was being targeted and communal harmony was being vitiated under BJP regime. But, one could easily decode the intentions of these vested interests who are worried, more about their future and stake in state machinery, if Yogi Adityanath-led BJP returns to power in 2022 for 2nd term.

When SP regime rolled out minority-targeted schemes, these vested interests didn’t see any ill-intention but Yogi’s mere reference to a ‘corrupt family’ has ignited them to stage a campaign. Many wouldn’t have heard of ‘Abbajaan’ but they also have taken the plunge to target CM Yogi.

2. Britishers brought a culture of Daddy, Dad and Pop in addressing one’s parents. Many families still practice this legacy of British subjugation. They don’t see any harm in it but are offended and upset over term ‘Abbajaan’. This is a clear case lopsided mindset and misplaced priorities.

3. Yogi govt has maintained zero tolerance policy against corruption and criminals. And, it has been consistently cracking down on hoarders, looters and people with criminal record.

‘Abbajaan’ remark is aimed at these corrupt elements. It was Mulayam and Akhilesh govt which showcased its closeness to minority community and hosting Iftaar parties. It was Mualana Mulayam and Akhilesh who were spotted with skull caps. Pandering to a certain community for political gains is something they have practiced for long.

By referring to Abbajaan, the incumbent CM has merely called out the rooted corruption in those regimes.

4. By saying ‘Those saying Abbajaan looted state’s resources and now the plunderers will be punished’, UP CM was clearly targeting one political family. His remarks meant that the family ‘hoarded’ the state benefits among its supporters rather than distributing it equally among public.

But, a narrative is being built that Yogi government is anti-Muslim and it will deprive the minorities of their rights.

5. There was a time when Samajwadi Party would take pride when its supremo Mulayama Singh Yadav was referred as ‘Maulana Mulayam’ as this meant seizing the Muslim vote bank. They would rather publicize this epithet to garner more Muslim vote. But, they are offended when Yogi is calling out their bluff.

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