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‘Dreaming Big’ & speed of implementation under PM Modi’s visionary leadership is key to India’s growth story: SK Narvar

PM Modi, in his speech, mentioned India’s tremendous progress in the areas of digital technology, healthcare, finance, telecom and space sectors.




SK Narvar - Capital India Corp chairman

New Delhi: S K Narvar, Chairman, Capital India Corp, speaks about PM Modi’s speech to the Indian diaspora in Indonesia during his G20 Bali summit. Today, India thinks big and unprecedentedly, and execution is how India is being developed, and is the fastest growing economy in the world.

Q1: What do you think of PM Modi’s views on “Dreaming Big” in today’s address to the Indian diaspora in Indonesia?

SK Narvar: First, as a proud Indian, I must congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi for changing the way Indians think. Today, under his leadership, India has achieved significant recognition and respect in the world order. Second, we as a nation have always been told to look up to others, especially the West, which made us feel small about ourselves. Owing to past decade of governance, Indians have become proud of their nation and started to “Dreaming Big” with pride, self-confidence and positivity.


Q2: Alongside “Dreaming Big”, what else is required for India’s growth?

SK Narvar: PM Modi’s address to the Indian diaspora in Indonesia speaks of ‘unprecedented scale and speed of execution’ – it answers your question. For any dream to fructify, scale and fast implementation are critical. Today, be it policy, infrastructure or investment decisions, clarity, speed, and transparency are the hallmarks of the new political dispensation. This approach of the government to implement, rather than things getting slowed down in government files, has energised the entire bureaucracy and even the private sector to participate in the country’s growth story.

Q3: What message to the Indian diaspora that PM Modi wishes to send?

SK Narvar: PM Modi, in his speech, mentioned India’s tremendous progress in the areas of digital technology, healthcare, finance, telecom and space sectors. The development in these areas has led to India being recognised as a world power in a positive manner, with nations looking at innovation, R&D & science and manufacturing expertise from India. These developments are tied to India’s aspirations to become a leading nation with contribution towards global good and world peace. Indian diaspora today engages with India back home in a deeper manner.

Q4: How do you view PM Modi’s G20 engagement?

SK Narvar: PM Modi’s views on the G 20 Summit have further cemented India’s leadership stature on the global stage. His strategic view on bringing an end to the Russian-Ukraine crisis and both countries getting into a discussion table has created a fresh perspective among global leaders. In addition, India’s stand on climate change and its leadership role towards renewable energy in a balanced manner has generated greater interest in the Indian market. On the whole, it is a successful exercise where India is seen as a key country in the world order both in politics and business.