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Local to global: How PM Modi’s connect with commoners & elites alike, works wonders

Political analysts & observers concur with the fact that despite barrage of barbs at him, PM’s messages to public are received well and also believed upon.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity knows no bounds. His global appeal & charisma has been documented by some of the most reputed US publications, a claim that his critics can’t contest. Back home, his public connect with the masses including the lowest strata of society needs no description.

This innate ability to connect with the commoner & the elite alike – is what probably sets Prime Minister Narendra Modi apart from his global peers.

PM Modi’s recent state visit to United States hogged global headlines and also evoked sharp reactions from ‘rattled’ nations China & Pakistan. Narendra Modi became the only Indian Prime Minister to address US Congress twice, first in 2016 & second in 2023.

Though his US House address, gun salute & private dinner with Bidens were some high-octane engagements, the rush among US lawmakers for getting an autograph signed and getting a selfie clicked with PM Modi turned eye-catching events.

PM Modi’s eloquence was palpable in the House as US lawmakers, even some of his detractors, stood more than a dozen times to give him standing ovation. The tech giants of Silicon valley & big business tycoons including Elon Musk, singing paeans for PM Modi was also widely covered by global media.

India, on account of its infinite ‘human force’, may be courted by the global powers but it’s this ‘personal touch’ of Prime Minister that has given ‘new recognition’ to the country.

When lakhs of NRIs see their leader running shoulders with the high & mighty at the global stage and the foreign powers rolling out red carpet for him, this instills a sense of pride among the Indian diaspora, spread across many continents.

Back home, PM Modi’s popularity is evident from large crowds present at his public rallies/roadshows. ‘Connecting & benefitting the last man standing’ – this motto of BJP govt has struck chord with people, though much more needs to be done on this front.

In today’s speech at Bhopal rally, PM Modi reiterated his govt’s resolve – ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ and lashed out at the Opposition for its orchestrated campaign on Uniform Civil Code (UCC). Reaching out to masses, he said that ‘united opposition’ was trying to befool people again by painting a grim picture of the reform in personal laws.

For sometime now, Congress has been relentlessly attacking Modi govt, accusing it of spreading hatred and treating Muslims as ‘second class citizens’. This Congress drive has also gained some traction as many opposition parties have joined ranks against BJP’s pro-Hindu plank.

In a bid to puncture the Opposition rally & combined fight agaist the ruling BJP, PM Modi launched a frontal attack and showed them the mirror.

Highlighting the plight of Pasmanda Muslims, he said that this section of Muslims lived a life of discrimination & deprivation despite Congress in power for more than 50 years.

Prime Minister also gave tips to thousands of party workers on how to connect with this deprived sections of society & extend them a helping hand.

PM Modi’s forceful counter to Congress accusations & charges will trigger many responses from Opposition ranks but bringing the plight of Pasmanda Muslims in public discourse will certainly take the sting out of Cong’s poll plan.

PM Modi at MP

Criminalising triple talaq, under Modi 2.0 was criticized initially but today’s it’s benefitting many Muslim daughters. It’s because of this progressive step, a section of minorities especially women have developed faith in Modi’s leadership, despite BJP being seen as anti-Muslim party.

As the debate heats up on UCC, reports suggest that the biggest benefactor of this program would be Muslim daughters as law would prohibit them from getting married below 18 years.

With PM Modi’s endorsement of UCC in Bhopal rally today, this is likely to initiate a debate in public especially among Muslim population.

As PM Modi enjoys high credibility among public, this could give much-needed impetus to the awaited reform and help sway people’s opinion.

Political analysts & observers also concur with the fact that despite barrage of barbs at him, PM’s messages to public are received well and also believed upon.

At a time, when BJP is increasingly looking vulnerable in wake of Opposition joining ranks & economy passing through a dull phase, this could be yet another ‘rescue act’ by the mass leader.

For the unversed, the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is a law that proposes similar rules for people belonging to all faiths. Personal or religion spicific laws would cease to exist and similar law would apply to all. Government hasn’t revealed its intentions of bringing this law but the Law Commission has sought opinions of eminent & learned citizens on this.