New team of Central Ministers truly reflect Modern India’s aspirations: SK Narvar, Capital India Corp chairman

“One of the critical messages of PM Modi throughout his tenure has been focus on outcomes and deliverables. As business leader, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction that the executive is moving towards accountability towards its citizens,” says SK Narvar.

Written by July 17, 2021 15:12

New Delhi: SK Narvar, Capital India Corp chairman says that new Team Modi is a wonderful balance of the 4E’s – educated, execution-oriented, and with the right mix of experience & empathy.

While speaking to Newsroompost, SK Narvar expressed his views on the recent Cabinet expansion and how this will put the nation on path to prosperity.

Excerpts below:

Q – How would you rate the recent revamp of the Central Ministry?

S K Narvar: As a proud Indian citizen, I wish to congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for creating the right mix of talent in the ministry. As a businessman whose job is to build successful teams, I see the current set of Ministers as individuals who are incredibly talented, motivated and dedicated towards their job, a key for success. We are fortunate to have a team with the right mix of 4E’s – education, execution, experience and empathy.

The spirit of leadership is another aspect that needs to be appreciated. The PM has publicly stated that the new ministers should seek guidance from their past colleagues as their experience should not go in vain. It shows respect and appreciation of the work done till now.

Q – As a business leader, how do you view this Cabinet expansion?

S K Narvar: One of the critical messages of PM Modi throughout his tenure has been a focus on outcomes and deliverables; as a business leader, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction that the executive is moving towards accountability towards its citizens. As a business leader, choosing the right talent for the right job, empowering them with the right skills and tools and then letting them perform is vital to building a successful team. And, in this case, it is an excellent way to Nation building.

Without taking any particular names, if you see the profile of the new incumbents, some of them have exposure to global economies, having studied in a few of the world’s premier institutions and then worked in both administrative, public and private sectors. It brings a multi-faceted rounded view to India’s growth challenges. In addition, having a mix of people who have studied streams like engineering and medicine will help in re-enforcing a sense of scientific thinking.

Q – What is the message to businesses and especially India Inc?

S. K Narvar: I think a crucial message that PM Modi and his team have sent out to everybody, including the private sector, is that it means business. Transparency, honesty and following the rules of the country are sacrosanct and cannot be compromised anymore. The Government will do everything for ensuring that the ‘ease of doing business’ in India is bettered continuously; however, any arm-twisting by global MNC’s or businessmen trying to subvert with the law will not be tolerated.

Information Technology and data privacy is becoming critical, and every nation needs to secure the data of its citizens. After taking charge, the statement from the Information Technology Minister saying that if you want to do business in India, you have to follow the country’s rules is a clear and welcome step. And, it is high time we understand that national pride and security has to go hand in hand with economic prosperity.

Q – There have been particular worries about the Ministry of Co-operation, how do you view it?

S K Narvar: The Ministry of Co-operation led by Shri Amit Shah, Union Home Minister, is much needed and will be a game-changer. If you look back, since independence, the cooperative sector has grown in certain states and not uniformly. Also, over time, it has become inefficient, often mired in political and corruption issues. With archaic laws, many of them today have become redundant, the cooperative sector needs handholding to speed up for being relevant in an ever-changing world.

A focussed approach is needed to drive the cooperative movement across the country; it will empower the less privileged citizens and help them grow economically and socially. Successful cooperative movements like the green and white revolution and AMUL should be replicated across the country. Farmer and allied groups, which are the strength and majority in our country, will highly benefit from this ministry.

Q – As the fear of COVDI19 looms over us, do you think the new leaders will be effective?

S K Narvar: COVID19 is a global health calamity, and no country has been fully prepared to fight it. In this scenario, India, with its vast population and abysmal health infrastructure, has performed very well under the leadership of PM Modi. Today, the Central Government has streamlined the vaccination schedule for every state and monitors critical medical readiness like oxygen cylinders and COVID19 infrastructure like hospital beds.

I think India will avoid the 3rd wave in its past severity as we are better prepared. The new Central Health Minister has spelt out measures and has been monitoring the situation regularly. Hence, under the guidance of our PM, I feel the current team will be effective in handling the pandemic challenges.

However, I would like to highlight that as citizens, we are best equipped to avoid this health scare by following social distancing protocols and being self-careful. Furthermore, the Government needs the co-operation of its citizens to succeed in any program, and we should not forget it.

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