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With G20 presidency, India set to flex its muscle on global level: SK Narvar

Over the next year, India will hold many high-profile international gatherings across various cities and will hog global attention as it leads the world in addressing the pressing issues.





New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday unveiled the logo, theme & website of India’s G20 Presidency for the Summit 2023. The occasion is seen as a historic step in India’s ascension to the top among elite group of nations. Over the next year, India will hold many high-profile international gatherings across various cities and will hog global attention as it leads the world in addressing the pressing issues.

Speaking to, Capital India Corp chairman SK Narvar says that the G20 Presidency speaks volumes about India’s growing clout on the world stage and also lauded the Modi government for bringing such an unprecedented honour to the country.

Major milestone for the nation

SK Narvar says that G20 Summit marks the high-profile gathering of world’s most powerful & industrialized nations and therefore it is a major milestone for the country under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

As India takes over G20 Presidency on December 1, 2022, it will set the stage for the country to take lead & contribute to the global agenda.

G20 logo

Narvar believes that the G20 presidency will bring unprecedented spotlight on India and therefore it’s a golden opportunity for the country to get itself counted as a nation that could bring global solutions.

He says that over the next year, India will hold over multiple meetings and that will give the nation ample chance to flex its muscle on global level and also set the stage for handling global challenges.

Narvar on India’s role in Russia-Ukraine war

SK Narvar says that India has repeatedly raised the need for reforms in United Nations & urgent addressal of factors leading to climate change. India’s growing stature on the global stage is an acknowledgement & reflection of the same.

“Today’s India’s voice is being heard by the global community & being deliberated upon. It can no longer be ignored & brushed aside as earlier,” says Navar.

Opining about Russia-Ukraine war, he says that the world will closely watch & assess India’s maneuvers on bringing the curtains down on the armed conflict among European nations.

“As the cascading effect of war has plunged the global economy into a tailspin, India has a golden chance to show its diplomatic acumen. It’s closeness with Russia gives it an advantage in bringing the conflict to an end,” says Narvar.

India’s key role in ‘re-uniting’ the world

SK Narvar says that PM Modi displayed crucial leadership when the world was battling Covid-19 pandemic and under his stellar leadership, India earned enough goodwill from countries ranging from Latin America to South African to many emerging economies.

“The G20 presidency presents another opportunity for India to re-enforce its guiding principles. As the world appears fragmented & divided today, Modi govt’s fresh push for ‘re-uniting’ the world will go a great deal in preparing the planet for unseen challenges ahead,” says SK Narvar.

Notably, PM Modi has spoken a couple of times about India’s proposed role as ‘Vishwa Guru’ and how the nation can take lead from the front in issues plaguing the global community.

G20 logo

On G20 logo depicting ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’

Launching the logo & theme of G20 Summit, PM Modi said that the it depicts ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’, a reflection of India’s compassion to the world.

SK Narvar says that a lot must have been gone into the crafting of logo as it possesses colours of the Indian flag – saffron, white and green & blue.

He says that that the theme of India’s G20 presidency is very much an assertion of PM Modi’s foreign policy – “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” or “One Earth-One Family-One Future.”

When Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc in 2020-21, Modi govt had followed this policy and provided huge tranches of vaccines to many countries despite the virus creating havoc back home.