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Journey of Parsvnath Developers: How Pradeep Jain built the realty firm, made it a household name

Today, Parsvnath Group is a trusted and household name, courtesy its founder Pradeep Jain, who steered the company’s incredible growth in last few decades.



Parvsnath - Pradeep Jain

New Delhi: As the economy grapples with flagging GDP growth and stares at slowdown, the real estate presents itself as the bulwark against unemployment, job losses and the faltering economy. According to experts, the economic growth in 2020 will be scripted by none other than Realty.

Plenty of real estate firms are in opertion today, however, Parsvnath Developers is one the most reputed realty major which has, since its inception, been setting new benchmarks in the industry and shoring up the economy as well.

Today, Parsvnath Group is a trusted and household name, courtesy its founder chairman Mr Pradeep Jain, who steered the company’s incredible growth in last few decades.

Parsvnath Group ventured into the real estate sector long back in 1984, when it was in nascent stage. Pradeep Jain started the company from scratch and built the realty behemoth in just 3 decades. Under his strong guidance and vision, the company has added new chapters to India’s growth story and promises many more in future.

About Mr Pradeep Jain: 

Parvsnath - Pradeep Jain -----


Born in the year 1965, Mr. Pradeep Jain, Founder Chairman, Parsvnath Developers Limited, is the first generation entrepreneur who has steered the growth trajectory of Parsvnath Group and enabled it to evolve as one of India’s leading real estate development companies.

Mr. Pradeep Jain, a completely self-made man started as a Marketing Associate with various Real Estate Developers. Having understood the finer norms of housing business, he started Parasnath and Associates Pvt. Ltd. in 1984. Having a vast experience in the real estate sector, Mr. Jain had set up Parsvnath Developers Limited (PDL) in the year 1990 with a vision of developing state of the art real estate projects across India.

Over the years, Mr. Jain has worked meticulously to translate his vision into reality and as a result the company has till date completed 65 projects and PDL has expanded its horizons across the length and breadth of the country and has a huge land bank exists in 39 cities and 14 states.

Mr. Jain’s acute business acumen and expertise in the real estate sector led to expansion of business in multi directions and multiple locations to make the Company into a Real Estate.

Mr. Jain Chairman, Parsvnath Developers Limited is also Management Board Member Asian Public Real Estate Association (APREA), ex-Chairman CREDAI-National, an apex body of real estate developers in India, Chairman, Jain International Trade Organisation (JITO), NCR Chapter, Director & Vice President, JITO Apex National, Vice President-All India Chess Federation. He is also a Governing Body member with PHDCCI, and several other business and socio-cultural organisations.

He is one of the Trustees of Maharaja Agrasen Hospital Trust, Delhi and Vice Chairman Moradabad Education Trust, which runs Engineering, Management and Pharmacy Colleges.

Apart from this, Mr. Jain has also endeavored to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship in children and thus has been continuously supporting the game of chess through conducting chess championships and sponsoring various chess championships.