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S Sreesanth bid adieu domestic cricket; fans send best wishes for future on social media

Ever since S Sreesanth bid adieu the cricket, many cricket fans took to social media to thank him for his service to the Indian team.



S Sreesanth

New Delhi: Indian cricketer S Sreesanth on Wednesday announced his retirement from Indian domestic cricket. Announcing the development, Sreesanth said he is retiring from the Indian domestic (first class and all formats) cricket. Sreesanth’s announcement also invited a lot of reactions on Twitter.

Ever since he bid adieu the cricket, many cricket fans took to social media to send him good wishes for his service to the Indian team.

Sreesanth also released a video thanking everyone.

Sreesanth said in a tweet, ”For the next generation of cricketers..I have chosen to end my first-class cricket career. This decision is mine alone, and although I know this will not bring me happiness, it is the right and honorable action to take at this time in my life. I have cherished every moment.”

Reacting to Sreesanth’s retirement, ”All the best for the future endeavors Bhai. All-time Favourite bowlers — Past, Present, and Future. Will miss your presence in the cricket ground.”

”Maybe your records on paper won’t show how great bowler you are, but the impact that you bought in with the fierce run-up, that quick bowling speed, that aggression is something that was, that is, and that will always be missing in Indian Cricket team.”

A user wrote, ”Streets will neve forget this.”

A user namely Manish Bhatt said, ”If someone makes a mistake then he can be forgiven once but BCCI did not let Sreesanth get the chance even far away, Sreesanth worked very hard, maybe he could play for Indian again but Alas, Sreesanth lost today, my best wishes Sreesanth for future.”

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