chinese products

Invoking Mahatma Gandhi, Ranaut then urges people to boycott Chinese goods in India and support the government in its "war".

"Many people point out that celebrities endorse many products; I can assure you, I won’t be among them. In the absence of Chinese sponsors, there could be many others. We have to decide whether the IPL is bigger or the brand. IPL doesn’t need any brand, IPL in itself is a big brand," said Harbhajan.

Shockingly twitter blocked Twitter blocked the social media page of Diary giant Amul for a limited period regarding to this creative.

It is time for Indians to send out a message to China that if you support those terrorists who attack our jawans/people, then every Indian should make up their mind, starting from Holi we're not going to touch a single Chinese product, said Union Minister.

Washington: The Donald Trump administration has raised the stakes in a growing trade showdown with China, announcing 25 percent tariffs...