Your aura is showing signs of fatigue and the harder you push yourself today the more difficult it will be to complete the tasks at hand. Rest awhile and then with a new energy you can move ahead.

Changing world view with a renewed plan of new thought is happening. Use today in gathering the energy of happiness, know that the world and the people remain surrounded by this spiritual consciousness of love.

When one lives in the ocean of material nature, and, worldly existence, the healing work and repetition of the practice brings us to the centre of undivided love of God.

If you are asked by a parent or boss to do something that you do not agree with, still go ahead and do it because this is not the time to show attitude.

See rivers of platinum light igniting wellness on the surface of Mother Earth, and rising in all the trees and plants. See the oxygen molecule on Mother Earth impregnated with the platinum light.

Avoid impulsive reactions as you could end up being truly misunderstood. The harder you pushyourself at work the greater is the delay in completion. Slow and steady wins the race.

The choice is before you. Rejoice greatly as you accept the light. This opportunity is a gift from the Divine, know that each seeking soul belongs to the light and life is lived under the grace.

Your friends and family really love you and maybe protecting you from yourself, but your stubbornness gets the better of you and you will end up making a wrong decision.

Emotional pain cannot kill you but running away from it can. Simply touching a painful memory with the light and love of healing , nurtures the inner heart. Healing brings happiness and joy back in the heart of healing.

“I am fully and completely connected to the energy of unconditional love, and I share it with the world I live in. Connected and united, I move with the light in my heart.”