Mohammad Nooruddin said he had been trying to clear his Class 10th examinations for the past 33 years. But he failed to pass the SSC examination as he was 'weak' in English and there was no one to give tuitions to him.

Unadadi Sharada is a resident of Hyderabad and was working in a Multi-National Company (MNC) but unfortunately due to COVID-19 Pandemic, she lost her job and started selling vegetables for a living.

The Ram Janmabhoomi Teertha Kshetra Trust, set up in accordance with the Supreme Court verdict, held its second meeting earlier this month.

"After distributing blankets to sanitation workers on my birthday I started feeling sick, yesterday my swab sample was collected and later I tested positive for coronavirus."

"The cremation will be conducted tomorrow morning. I extend my condolences to Colonel Santosh Babu's family on behalf of the police department," Sajjanar said.

"Any other train to be planned as per directions of Ministry of Railways and on request from originating and destination states," he added.

First train carrying migrants from Lingampalli in Telangana to Hatia in Jharkhand started at 5 AM today. A special train was arranged on the request of the state government.

"The airline is proud to be a part of this crucial initiative of transporting medical and other vital supplies by placing not just its freighter but passenger fleet too to maximum utilisation," he said in a statement.

Syed Mubasheer Ali, who is also a co-founder, said that the e-tractor can cover up to 75 kilometres on a single charge and has a maximum power of 18 HP and 53 Nm peak torque.

Dressed in crisp white shirts and holding fried chicken legs, the ministers were seen at the event organised at Tank Bund area in the city on Friday by a leading chicken broiler selling company.