Message of the Day

While sowing seeds, the hands of the farmer feel happy and never evaluate, what will be the return, regarding the amount of seeds sown. The farmer knows that the return from the seed will be manifold. Do you ever reflect on the seeds of karma that you are sowing daily?

Communities the world over, are slowly combining their learnings and understandings with others who are willing. This enables them to share their experiences and happiness.

Astrology 2019: Message of the Day (March 8)

Humility and egolessness in service as a healer always results in renunciation in action and unfolding the "you" to the light. Do you selflessly share the light?

To help others by all means should be our prime objective. To relieve suffering of others a healer's prime objective. To afflict and torment others a great sin. How do you live your life?

"Let us not spurn the shadow, but, remember the substance, for every shadow points to the sun." Do we take them in the right perspective?

Nothing that you depend upon can be dependable all the time. We must gain insight into the subtle workings of this mysterious universe. Do we strive to learn ?

The ways of this world are mysterious. Things are very difficult to understand. One never knows the subtle delusion that operates through our mind. Can we really step out of the waters of delusion?

I am at a loss to understand as to what I can write about the glory, the nature and the attributes of the healing connection. What do you feel?

When an enthusiastic healer comes in touch with the light of the divine grace guiding us , full of divine wisdom , seldom do we accept. Do you?