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Astrology 2022: Message of the Day (August 18)

Love from the heart of hearts!

Message of the day

The right and left channels, the Ida and the Pingala coil around the central channel the Sushumna at a number of points, to form a series of knots.

Along this pathway, in line with our spine, there are a number of channel wheels in the aura, which we refer to as chakras, and it is from these energy centres that we see the corridors of light flowing and distributing the healing light like a fine network, where branches of ‘the tree of life’ complete the distribution system in our aura.

Through these channels flow the healing energies to far and near places, by our will and thought .

Each of our chakra’s is responsible to support and all of them are responsible for the function of our human body.

The rainbow colours in our chakras freely distribute the healing energies along with their own light frequencies.

The principal seat of the diamond radiance comes and flows down from our crown chakras to ignite the force through our energetic fields.

Stay and receive. Healing hugs of the essential radiance. Love from the seat of the navel chakra.

Strongly stable, I live to love!

“I am immediately grateful and immensely proud to be a healer in life and I use these

abilities to continue to grow spiritually and heal diligently.”

Repeat at the third eye chakra 11 times.