The Home Ministry on Monday issued new guidelines for 'Unlock 2' which will come into force from July 1 extending the process of phased re-opening of activities including expanding in a calibrated manner domestic flights and passenger trains.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation on Tuesday. In a tweet, the Office of the Prime...

Despite Prime Minister's clear statement on Ladakh face-off putting things in perspective, the Opposition has been raking up unnecessary controversy by asking 'irrelevant' questions.

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday said that it will hear on August 28 a plea challenging a...

Prime Minister Modi spoke to officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the National Disaster Management Authority regarding the incident.

According to a statement released by PMO, “Indian vaccine companies have come across as innovators in early stage vaccine development research. Over 30 Indian vaccines are in different stages of vaccine development, with few going on to trial stages.”

"There was a minor fire at 9, Lok Kalyan Marg caused by a short circuit. This was not in PM's residential or office area but in the SPG reception area of the LKM complex. The fire is very much under control now," the PMO tweeted.

Praising the PMO staff, Modi said, "The reason behind your success is that you have developed leadership within yourself. Now leadership has become a cumulative effect in PMO. We want multi-layered and multi-dimensional leadership qualities to increase cumulatively in our staff."

Rahul Gandhi on Thursday asked why can't Prime Minister Narendra Modi be investigated since it is "written" in the Defence Ministry files that the Prime Minister's Office (PMO ) carried out "parallel negotiations" in the Rafale deal.

Under the scheme, Rs 6,000 will be given per year to small and marginal farmer families having combined land holding/ownership of up to two hectares.