Aatish Taseer, a journalist, posted some pictures of temples on August 19, tweeting, “Forget Aurangzeb,” said a mahant of the KV temple, “No man since Ghazni has destroyed as many temples as Modi.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's constituency, Janmashtami is being used to scale up social awareness. A shop keeper in the city explained that while they have welcomed new varieties, they aren't compromising with social good.

Citing Kumbh Mela as an example, he said the only reason Kumbh was successfully organized with over 240 million visitors was because of the participation of investors in an Investor Summit held prior to the event which helped bring a change in the perception on the state.

"Section 144 was imposed in Sonbhadra and not in Mirzapur. I told them I will not violate any law. I want to go to Sonbhadra and I will move with three other people. But they did not listen and took me here," she said while speaking to media persons.

As per Hindu beliefs, no religious ritual can be performed and temples remain closed for a specified period of time before, after and during an eclipse. Considering the same, the organisers of Ganga Aarti have decided to perform the ritual in the afternoon instead of the evening.

BJP will launch its countrywide membership drive on July 6 with PM Modi visiting Varanasi while party chief and Union Home Minister Amit Shah beginning the campaign in Hyderabad.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Varanasi on Saturday to launch BJP’s mega membership drive in the city. This will be his maiden visit to his constituency after taking oath of the Prime Minister for the second time.

A Varanasi court on Saturday sent BSP MP Atul Rai to 14-days judicial custody for questioning in connection with a rape case.