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Technoblade YouTuber dies from cancer at 23; fans pay tribute on Twitter 

The owner of Technoblade YouTube channel and Minecraft Streamer died due to cancer at the age 23.




New Delhi: The owner of Technoblade YouTube channel and Minecraft Streamer died due to cancer at the age 23. The death  of the American gamer also confirmed by the Youtuber’s family. Informing the development on Twitter, the YouTuber’s father also read his last message for over 10 millions followers on YouTube.

The YouTuber, whose real name was Alex, recorded the message hours before his death. In the video, the YouTuber’s father said, ”Hello everyone, Technoblade her. If you are watching this, I am dead.”

Before video message ends, Mr Alex’s family also shared a statement for the YouTuber’s supporters and fans. The message said, ”We, the family of Technoblade, wanted all of you to know just how much he adored and respected his fans and colleagues. From Technoblades’s earliest online days, he was always strategizing ways to delight and reward his audience — giving away online prizes.”

”This past year had a lot of rough spots for our son as he battled stage four cancer. But he didn’t complain, and kept using his famous strategic mind to try to beat what he knew were almost impossible odds. My son’s bravery on this path was a shining lesson to all of us who were privileged to walk it with him. Thank you for sharing his journey through it all, as he did the work he loved for his beloved fans,” read the post further.

Notably, the YouTuber had shared his cancer diagnosis with fans in a video on his channel in August 2021.

On social media, many followers of the YouTuber also shared their reactions.

”True legend and the king, May he grow many potatoes where he is, He will never die,” wrote a Twitter user Saunau.

”Today, less than an hour ago there was an announcement in technoblades youtube channel, his father has announced that his Son Alex A.K.A Technoblade is dead. We will miss you Technoblade. Technoblade Never Dies,” read a comment of a user.

”Technoblade changed the lives of millions, thank you for everything you’ve done. Rest in peace,”

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