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Who is Linda Yaccarino? The new CEO who replaces Elon Musk as Twitter boss

The 60-year-old ‘superwoman’ takes over as reins of company at  a time when the Twitter has been struggling to stay afloat & raise money.

New Delhi: Billionaire Elon Musk, after days of scouting for new Twitter CEO, handed over the baton to Linda Yaccarino on Monday. Linda Yaccarino has taken charge of the micro-blogging website and will work closely with billionaire Elon Musk to help realize his vision for building a global enterprise & self-sustaining conglomerate.

With Linda Yaccarino taking charge of Twitter, Elon Musk will shift his focus on his colossal firms Tesla & SpaceX.

Yaccarino, in conversation with mediapersons last week, had shared her plans of building Twitter 2.0 and also transforming the business for millions of social media users.

Musk reportedly wants to see Twitter emerging as X, the Everything App and an enterprise on the lines of China’s WeChat.

Twitter new CEO Linda Yaccarino also shared her experience of spending office in 1st day on Monday.

“It happened – first day in the books!” she tweeted.


Who is LindaVaccarino, Twitter’s woman CEO

Yaccarino is the former head of Global Advertising at NBC Universal. She also hired Joe Benarroch, executive vice-president of channel as her consultant. In her previous roles, she handled a workforce of more than 2,000. Her team generated more than $100 bilion in ad sales & have also tied up with Apple, SnapChat, Apple, BuzzFee & more.

Yaccarino oversaw about 2,000 workers at NBC Universal. Her team generated more than $100 billion in ad sales and entered partnerships with companies, including Apple, Snapchat, BuzzFeed, Twitter and YouTube.

Twitter new CEO - Linda 1

The 60-year-old ‘superwoman’ takes over as reins of company at  a time when the Twitter has been struggling to stay afloat & raise money.

Also, there are fears of job cuts as Musk adopted clinical approach in shaping up/trimming the company of ‘extra fab’. During his tenure, Musk slashed 75% of its employees in a job cut spree.

In her previous role, Yaccarino was credited for helping the firm to steer NBCUniversal.

Elon Musk had bought the Twitter last year for a whopping sum of $44 billion and was looking to hand over baton to someone who could infuse fresh energy into the company. Last year, the billionaire investor also carried an opinion poll where he asked whether he should step down. It drew lot of comments with more than 57% of users urged him to come out of Twitter.