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Bitcoin Millionaire: Meet Erik Finman,18-year-old youngest millionaire who was rejected in school

The 18-year-old, Eric Finman, shocked those who thought him to be worthless by claiming he has become a millionaire.



Eric Finman

New Delhi: An 18-year-old boy shocked those who thought him to be worthless by claiming he has become a millionaire. The boy has been intensified as Eric Finman. He belongs to the United Kingdom (UK).

You may be shocked to hear how Eric become a millionaire in such a short time. It is reported that Eric’s investment in Bitcoin is the key to become a millionaire.

Sharing his bitter experience of the school, Eric said his teacher once had said he would not be able to do anything in his life. His teacher also told him to quit his studies and work at Mc Donald’s.

He added that no one understand him in school. People thought him to be a loser.

Eric Finman

According to reports, he left high school before promising his parents to make a million dollars before the age of 18.

Eric revealed that he started investing in cryptocurrency when he was only 12 years old.

Eric said he was first listened about cryptocurrency from his brother. However, it was his idea to invest in digital currency.

It is important that in the UK children under the age of 18 cannot invest in the share of the company in their name.

Eric Finman

The rule for children is that they can invest in stocks with the help of their parents. In the country, parents can invest in stocks using some trading mechanism on behalf of their children.

Eric said he first got money to invest in cryptocurrency from her grandmother as a gift. Eric told her grandmother gave 700 euros i.e. about 59 thousand 161 rupees. With the amount, he bought 100 Bitcoins.

As of 2020, Eric hold 341 Bitcoins worth more than £4.8 million.