‘Godzilla’ spotted shopping in a 7-11 store in Thailand; Twitter declares title of next MonsterVerse film

People saw the real godzilla trying to get something from the top shelf. Twitter declares the name of next film in MonsterVerse.

Avatar Written by April 8, 2021 11:22

New Delhi: A seven-11 store in Thailand was visited by an unusual customer, a monitor lizard. Yes, a giant lizard entered the store and climbed on of the shelves. While the people were acting like it was normal, on the other hand, Twitterati compared the reptile to none other than Godzilla.

Journalist Andrew MacGregor Marshall, shared the video of the lizard on Twitter:

Reactions on Twitter:

One user declared the title of next MonsterVerse film

While some people said he was just there to buy some groceries

One user said that the lizard was a new employee in store

While one user declared seven-11 as the next one to face Godzilla

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