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Mother asks son, “Can you come lay with me while I hold you”, wife’s reddit post goes viral

The woman wrote that her husband’s mother behaves as if she is the wife of his son.

New Delhi: A Reddit user recently shared a post writing about her mother-in-law’s obsession with her husband, which is going viral, lately. The woman wrote that her husband’s mother behaves as if she is the wife of his son.

She said that it has been 9 years since their husband-wife relationship but her mother-in-law’s obsession with her husband is now going out of control. The wife stated that earlier her spouse’s mother used to complement her husband’s physique but now she’s been asking him to cuddle with her.

The user claimed that they were sleeping on their bed and all of a sudden they heard a loud cry of a woman as if she had lost her child. They jumped from their bed and when they opened the door, it was her in-law, hailing uncontrollably. She added, “He (The user’s husband) immediately asks her “what’s wrong?” “What’s going on?” She says “I’ve just had a terrible bad day” Then she goes on to ask him “Can you come lay with me while I hold you and let me smell your hair.”

Have a look here:

My Mother in law is in love with my husband
byu/Miserable_Ad1399 inTwoXChromosomes

Netizens reaction

Meanwhile, seeing the post, netizens reacted in the comment section. While some joked about the incident, others blamed the lady for lying about her mother-in-law.

One user wrote, “Sounds like emotional incest. This is a very tricky subject to handle with a spouse. If your husband is in an emotionally incestuous relationship with his mom, then he has been emotionally abused by his mom (and continues to be). He is not likely to be aware of it. To him, the way his mom treats him = normal and parental love and security.”

A second comment read, “Um… If he’s brushing you off about this and refusing to set boundaries with his mom, then it’s pretty clear that you have a HUSBAND problem, much more than just a MIL problem.” A third one questioned, “And he doesn’t get uncomfortable by her weird behavior? Like, doesn’t he get grossed out by the way his MOM talks about him?”