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Video of Groom exposing bride’s illicit affair on wedding day goes viral, netizens react

The groom got to know about his fiancé’s affair when he tried to test the CCTV camera, he installed in their room.

New Delhi: A bizarre video is re-emerging in social media where a groom is dramatically exposing his fiancé’s extra affair.  According to the reports, the video’s original release was from a wedding in China in 2019. The footage is regaining viral status years later after being uploaded by a TikTok user named ‘Kool Prince’.

The clip shows a dreamy wedding day in which the bride is seen walking down the aisle wearing a white gown and holding a flower bouquet along with the groom. As they came in front of their guests to take their vows, the groom gave her the shock of her life by playing a few clips of his would-be wife’s extra illicit affair on the projector behind them. The clips played by the groom featured his fiancé in comprisable & intimate positions her own brother-in-law.

Watch the video

A man at his wedding plays a video in which his wife cheats on him.
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Also in the video, the groom is seen pushing the bride while shouting saying, “Did you think I didn’t know about this?”

More about the incident

According to the report in Asia One, the groom got to know about his fiancé’s affair when he tried to test the CCTV camera, he installed in their room. While going through the recordings, the groom found clips of his to-be-bride with her brother-in-law and got to know about their relationship.

Netizens react

Meanwhile, with the video doing rounds on the internet netizens are also sharing their reaction to the incident by taking to the comment section. While some are saying that the girl deserved such treatment, others are lashing out at the guy for embarrassing the woman on her wedding day.

“This has always seemed pretty dumb to me. Like, imagine spending thousands of dollars on a wedding just to call out your wife in front of everyone. Like bro just break up with her it’ll save you thousands.” Wrote one user.

Another commented, “1 minute of nothing, 2 seconds of little action, cut off right when things getting started plus 120p. That’s some video skills right there.” “The way it stopped, instantly 2 sides, reminds me of some Avengers poster”, added a third one