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Watch: Waitress in Switzerland flaunts traditional Indian dress in Viral Video, Netizens say, “Unprofessional and tacky”

The clip shows an overcrowded restaurant with a great ambiance in Zurich, Switzerland.

New Delhi: A video of a restaurant in Switzerland named Tamarind Hill Indian Restaurant is going viral for its unique dress code for waitresses serving there. A few days back, an Indian couple shared a clip of the restaurant featuring the food servers in Indian traditional outfits.

Check out the video here

The clip shows an overcrowded restaurant with a great ambiance in Zurich, Switzerland. At the same time, a few waitresses were spotted wearing salwar-kameez of vibrant colors while serving the customers.

The video was uploaded on Instagram from the ID named soulmates_xpress, run by an Indian couple. Along with the video, a caption was added saying, “Who knew I’d find a slice of India in Switzerland that’s more Indian than India itself? Stepping into Indian restaurants in most of Europe is like a cultural time machine – rich traditions and vibrant decor that sometimes out-Indian India!🇮🇳”

Netizens reaction

Meanwhile, social media users reacted in the comment section as the video went viral with more than eleven thousand likes. While some loved the idea of dressing the waitresses in such a manner, others criticized them for being overdressed.

Someone commented, “I feel bad for them. Indians wear such pompous dresses only on special occasions and the moment they are home, they throw those dresses away and get immediately into casual wear. But these women in these restaurants have to work in those dresses!” In contrast to this comment, another user reacted by saying, “Omg. Not just simple suits. They are wearing dazzling uniforms. Owners must be good.”

A third comment read, “Actually unprofessional and tacky….. Maybe we are wired that way but I expect waiters to wear a work dress and not anything random like some roadside shack.” To this, a netizen replied, “It’s not such a thing which is new or unusual, my wife used to work as a Waitress in an Indian restaurant in Germany with several other German waitresses and all the waitresses work there in Indian Punjabi suit, salwar or sometimes even Indian sarees too…. in fact most of the Indian restaurant use it as a dress code for the waitress.”