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Daily Horoscope 2023: Your zodiac and forecast (July 8)

Harnessing your qualities of hard work and excellence will manifest your destiny unfolding in your life experiences with your work and prosperity flowing into all that you do.

Aura Guidance for 08.07.2023 (all 12 signs)

1. Aries

Good coaching will uplift your confidence and keep you thinking about your future journey. You are completely happy with your life but those around you are not working hard and thinking that you should do more to support them. Plan things in an exemplary way to achieve excellence and stay out of the way of criticism.

2. Taurus


Expanding horizons will continue through the work and this leaves you very happy with your brainstorming sessions. There is a dispute within the family member of your immediate family and another who is creating conflict and strife. Best is to step in and help resolve

3. Gemini

GeminiYou are soft hearted today, which leaves you feeling sentimental and giving. The people around you are hard hearted, but it has nothing to do with you. Connect to the inner space of comfort and happiness for your financial investments makes everything look comfortable with the light guiding you and your desires.

4. Cancer

Connecting to a new home and a great new happiness in your heart, you can forgive most anything. People will cooperate with almost anything that you propose to do, and this becomes an additional accomplishment. You need to be sure about the motivation of a family member, before you throw in the towel and give up in a rewarding situation.

5. Leo

leoYou will be especially favoured at work, and there will be a very strong relationship converting into something more, those of you who are married, need to be careful of this energy. Staying with the people who love you unconditionally will be the best policy. An opportunity exists in formulating new relationships.

6. Virgo

virgoConnecting the dots and unraveling the mood of the day is the best way forward. Contain your excitement for a new project, it will be done with a new business investment plan based in some new trading board of financial investments. You could be close to what’s demanding action right now.

7. Libra

libraYou need to rise above a relationship issue to see it clearly and pragmatically. The people around you are supportive towards the decisions, but there could be some resentment at the end of the day. Great activity is afoot for those desiring to start a new business enterprise.

8. Scorpio

ScorpioThe need to stay balanced and connect to peace and forgiveness, allows you to progress without emotional outbursts. From a healing perspective, you will be happy with the results of your efforts. It is possible that some of you may be contemplating to buy your dream home, and an opportunity could come up.

9. Sagittarius

Step out of your comfort zone to make new and lasting relationships. Connecting to the past and feeling helpless in life situations is not helpful. Reaching a new space of complete recovery of excellence means a lot to you. Artists and writers are going through a phase of their best creative experiences today which will manifest success and wellness financially.

10. Capricorn

CapricornRenew your plans and create happiness for your future journey forward. You are timid in your approach, and those who are courageous will be rewarded with financial actualisation of their highest potential. Create a harmonious relationship with your home to feel peaceful and happy.

11. Aquarius

Self worth and self esteem will be reinforced by creating a work situation that responds well to your inputs and financially secures you. It looks like you can get lady luck on your side, remain committed to completing your goals in the office today before you move ahead to party hard.

12. Pisces

PiscesHarnessing your qualities of hard work and excellence will manifest your destiny unfolding in your life experiences with your work and prosperity flowing into all that you do. Contain your excitement with a family visit as you are slowly turning into a recluse. Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the togetherness.

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