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Astrology 2022: Message of the Day (August 4)

Love from the heart of hearts!




Message of the Day – By Renooji

As the continuous presence of the healing light around you inspires you to become a strong positive spiritual healer, connect to the gratitude in your heart and impregnate everyone around you with the healing attitude.

Know that you are always stable and strong because in your heart lives the light of Mother Earth, The Elements, The Intelligence, The Wisdom and The Auspicious Combinations of the Universe and The Others.

Leave your heart filled with this association and connect with your mind to the creative thrust of your appropriate effort and actions to conclude and complete every action in the light of illuminated consciousness.

Stay and heal all. Healing hugs of effulgence. Love from the frontiers of your complete actions.

Strongly stable, I live to love!

“I connect to the joy of giving and sharing and live my life with healing everything around me in every moment. “

Repeat at the heart chakra 4 times .