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Astrology 2023: Message of the Day (January 30)

Let’s begin afresh daily. Healing all.

Message of the day


We have to prepare to live a life as a healer filled with goodness, so that our destiny unravels to create a major impact in our positive karma and thus lead us towards a positive destiny. Help comes in the form of the living Master and the initiation to the Light of Healing. The tests continue, life is lived, all because of the love that the light brings, and the teachings of the Master that the soul is awakened and nourished. The need of the soul for the teachings is desperate and at the end of life the light is omnipotently present in the heart of the healer. As we heal in the present moment in the secluded cave of our hearts, we look forward to new opportunities and moments when we can share the light. We know that our life is spent in cherishing these moments of healing and creating melodious moments with our family and friends. Let’s begin afresh daily. Healing all. Healing hugs of continued teachings. Love from the zones of unconditional support.

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