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Astrology 2023: Message of the Day (July 1)

It is time to grow up and bring more light and joy into our life.

Mindfully Meditative !

Many people will speculate and yet others will delve between the lines to look for more clarity in their relationships and will be happy and relieved to find what they are looking for. We must listen to the sounds and messages of the universe to adhere to taking the right decisions and following forth with the right actions. It is time enough to heal and wake up. Wake up to the fact that we must follow our decisions with truthful actions, so that the results are not disappointing. It is time to grow up and bring more light and joy into our life. The relationship between mindfulness, meditation, manifestation and money are not words that naturally merge. Let’s heal over this beautiful month to find a healthy way to merge them meaningfully . Peacefully and efficiently living a life filled with joy and happiness, prosperity and wellness and showing the self to live rightfully. Healing hugs of the deepest sunshine. Love from the reservoir of light flowing to us in the now.
Renooji/ Divvya.

Crown Chakra Consciousness:

As we move ahead to enhance our emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and financial destiny, let’s focus our energy and attention on the goals of life we want to achieve. The crucial step is to get involved with this world because we are a part of this world. Heal on.

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