Astro Science

Strongly connect to all the healing green rings of light and request them to stay and heal in our world for the next three weeks

There is nothing wrong in overreaching for something that you want badly enough, but when you step in others’ way, it goes and leaves a bad taste in the mouth of others.

See the whole world covered with the golden balls of light restoring health and fitness. See the disease energy going back to the source as love and light.

You will be able to precisely acquire more energy of wisdom and then share it in the group, but there will be someone who is not looking forward to spending time together.

Engage in healing more ,connect to your motives, your thoughts and your actual actions and performance. Know that you are a very good soul. Healing hugs for all. Love from the universe of plenty.

Dealing with old issues will take up most of the day. Don’t let someone else’s stress to rub off on you today. You know what changes need to be made so get going. Opportunities ahead are plentiful, so make the most of them all.

Remain in the spectrum of large heartedness, sympathy and generosity. Heal all ill health, as well as all ill motivated and revengeful presence of disease on Mother Earth.

There are plenty of new possibilities but you have to be firm and take in the new situations with maturity and move only towards that which take you forward.

Connect to all the wealth that you have amassed in your life. Think of the tremendous exertion and sacrifice you have made in amassing the wealth and property.

The past is always a learning tool for a better today, you will reflect well and take a decision that leaves you happy and satisfied.