Astro Science

Focus on the patterns you want to unfold. This can also be a good time to meet up with old friends. Honour the people in your life and play a good role in enhancing their life.

Responding to the invitation and desiring to help in creating this universe , she spread the energy of deep knowledge...

You are truly a warrior of your destiny unfolding in your heart desires, and today you are going to step forward to make a difference in another’s heart. Keep your own thoughts on the work.

Tripura Sundari unites the sixteen syllables of Shiva and Shakti, fulfilling all desires and requests.

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji 1. Aries “Career matters may be challenging but you can gain...

Daily Horoscope: Your Zodiac and forecast (October 10): Find out what the stars have in store for you this Saturday.

Trusting with a heart full of beauty, wealth, strength, knowledge, fame and renunciation in their infinite form and wisdom, everything will work but for the highest good for all who are the worthy recipients of the light.

You need to practice Yoga and breathing exercises regularly to improve your concentration levels.

Limited access to a resource could end up frustrating you. Love your life experiences and happiness in your heart makes you generous and benevolent towards your family.

This period also brings along the opportunity for you to have delicious food and enjoy worldly comfort at home.