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Astrology 2023: Message of the Day (October 1)

Love from the heart opening wider, as it learns there is nothing to lose.




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The Retreat Begins!

Meditations on the Self.

Keen observations reveal that the mind and the body are in an ever changing process of an everchanging and moving energy field, filled with the energies of the colourful chakras. The doors of perception – our chakras – are gradually cleansed as the spiritual healing powers of Reiki, the KQ Force, My Golden Cloud gather strength and through this healing process greed, hate, anger, fear, lust, worry and anxiety diminish. Our endless likes, dislikes, our passions, our control thin out and get healed. We become aware of the interwoven laws of karma, of suffering, selfishness, impermanence and knowledge, in the process of healing, it transforms us. Thus, the way we understand ourselves and live our lives under the grace of the light changes us forever. Healing hugs of understanding. Love from the heart opening wider, as it learns there is nothing to lose.


Heart Chakra

  1. “I give life my all and heal everything I encounter.”
  2. “I know I am good at everything, including healing.”
  3. “I am a satisfied person and a perfectionist at healing all.”

As we awaken to the reality of our soul consciousness, the findings of the science fraternity bringing us closer to the body and brain conjoining with the healing to bulletproof ourselves and our life from all future negative attacks. Just connect to your life in the now and live this day well.

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