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Astrology 2023: Message of the Day (October 6)

Some thoughts are amplified and some others are subdued and subtle.


Healing Enthusiasm!

Healing chakras.

Be the light Frontiers.

Allow Love to spread.


Our language and our communications in this universe are always resounding with the expressions of our soul. Some thoughts are amplified and some others are subdued and subtle. In a sense some of us are very musical and melodious in our communications and yet some of us are emotional and reactive. It is our own personal soundtrack that accompanies us and we transmit this to others in our world. How others respond and react is their own individual choice and they will be always in harmony with the spirit of their own universal spiritual strength. We must always make effort to build and strengthen our spiritual frontiers as our life story is written and rewritten daily through our own behaviour patterns. Sound is the carrier wave for information about everything in this universe. So, be very careful about the noise that you create. Healing hugs of twinkling light. Love from the sounds of and from the universe.


The healing soul depends on the heart of an harmonic resonance that is an individual sound that is our own personal signature coming down through lifetimes. A composition that is personal by Divine design. Let’s dip into this reservoir of knowledge.

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