Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (August 11)

Blessings flow through your life, it means that something will heal better after you put
the things that need to be collected and deposited with the concerned authorities.

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Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

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1. Aries

Continuous expansions of your fortune are bringing you new opportunities for
expanding your work. But, there is a devious plan for not receiving financial gains – so
read between the lines before you sign any documents. There will be a generous person
within the family who gives you support and help.

2. Taurus

Ill health of a family member will take up your time so be organised and practical.
Celebrating your success is not something that is necessary in the now. The new
greenish-gold energy is coming into your energy field bringing wisdom and new
consciousness today to do the things the right way.

3. Gemini

A reddish-gold energy is activating your upper chakras, which could lead to conflict and
fights that you would regret later in the day. There is nothing that can be unsaid as
finally it is your inability to do the right things at the right time with the right people.
Join a physical activity and be safe in the mind.

4. Cancer

As your instinct to reject people is very strong, continue to nourish your body – by eating
right, exercise, yoga and meditation – to restore balance and joy. Leaning back and
expecting others to complete your work will not go down well with your family.

5. Leo

Be calm and rest well so that tomorrow you can achieve your goals. Continue in your
endeavours with forming new relationships at work, as the help received will convert
into revenue generation and there will be appreciation from the seniors. You are being
appreciated for the betterment of life and prosperity.

6. Virgo

Be cautious on how you behave with your seniors and what you say to them. You are
connected to a senior, but you cannot throw your weight around and terrorise people.
Things could go completely wrong dependent on your attitude. Money matters at home
need to be looked into.

7. Libra

Plans that are troubling you will fade away and a definitely more concretely designed
successful plan will be rewarded with success and happiness for your life circumstances
ahead. Changing your life partner or spouse or even business is not advisable.

8. Scorpio

Contained within your mind of wisdom is a new idea unfolding but you have to bring it
forth slowly so that it has the impact that you want to create. Changing habits in your
food could lead to excessive weight gain which is not something that you can live with.
So, continue your fitness regimen.

9. Sagittarius

Blessings flow through your life, it means that something will heal better after you put
the things that need to be collected and deposited with the concerned authorities. A
better idea of the complete project illuminates growth and manifests happiness and
financial support and growth. Relax with the family.

10. Capricorn

Listen to advise and then take a very strong step forward. You will be well respected by
your spiritual consciousness and fraternity. There will be a strong connection and a
hand of support from an unknown quarter that leaves you stunned and happy. Your
experience will help you take things ahead.

11. Aquarius

You should be developing relationships with people who think like you. There will be a
sublime opportunity to take things international at work and for some of you a short trip
is also advised to enhance the business. Make decisions that are best for all the people at

12. Pisces

Listen to the voice of your heart and mind and only take action after you have
understood everything. There will be a very creative process that will help resolve the
issues. You will collect and accumulate money and information that helps you do things
the way they should have been done initially.