Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (July 24)

Consciousness which goes well with the divine wisdom inspires you today to move ahead.
Be aware that you are fully protected by your relationships with others who inspire you to

Written by July 24, 2019 14:36

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

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1. Aries

A meeting or a decision you take up leaves you feeling strong and united with yourself
completely. You are changing as a person and this new positive and imaginative and
decisive you is feeling happier and completely in control of your consciousness. This new
aspect of your personality is very beneficial for the future.

2. Taurus

The real you is surfacing and there will be a strong connection with your spiritual wisdom.
Stay for a while in a new space of consciousness, where there will be plenty of opportunities
ahead to achieve success. You are very keen to pursue a new interest that leads to great
success and happiness.

3. Gemini

There will be some sad news or a delay or obstruction in a project that leaves you
crestfallen and weak. Refrain from interacting with anyone in a belligerent mood, as that
could lead to long-lasting conflict, which is detrimental to your physical and financial health.

4. Cancer

Continue to explore this strong side of your consciousness to successfully achieve your
desires in the shortest possible time. As you are a very helpful and strong person, you are
surely in demand outside but your home and family will also need you today.

5. Leo

Things suddenly change in your health and maybe for some of you it will be a forced time of
rest. Gathering friends and family and support from your relationships does not come easy
to you. Generate a super-strong connection with your financial patterns and walk ahead tall
and strong.

6. Virgo

You are shaping your life with the influences that are coming up now but in reality, there is
much in your subconscious mind and you may need to meditate to pursue your true
achievable reality and walk with success towards your goals. Just be confident and know
that financially no one can disturb your future.

7. Libra

A meeting or informal discussion with the family will be changing the way you think and
dramatically affect your relationships in a positive way. If you have any difficulty in changing
your approach to saving money without guilt, just go for a long walk and know that you
worked hard for all you can save today.

8. Scorpio

Patterns of incompleteness in your activities are over and everything ahead is full of joy and
growth. Continue to explore things in your inner heart and know that you are fully rewarded
with your work getting completed in time. Take patience ahead as your best friend.

9. Sagittarius

Consciousness which goes well with the divine wisdom inspires you today to move ahead.
Be aware that you are fully protected by your relationships with others who inspire you to
achieve. Continue to be balanced with your finances. You are definitely feeling better today.
Relax and eat well.

10. Capricorn

It seems that you are suddenly making more progress and people are inquisitive about what
you are doing. Pretending to do the work is not good karma, step away from your comfort
zone and begin with the real work. You will be appreciated and you will be happy.

11. Aquarius

You have the ability to bring the different genre of people together. A book club or some
publishing or story writing activities will be promoted by you. You will find yourself
surrounded by a diverse group of people. Striving for a better standard of living will help you
achieve success.

12. Pisces

It could be that you are feeling better today, but you are leaving your feelings unattended,
and all efforts at happiness are not sustained. Continue to be happy, knowing that you
cannot buy love and respect. Advance into a very progressive financial deal and know that
money makes you happy.